Good Lender is an easy-to-grant online loan company, with which you can get a first loan from 200 USD to repay within up to 28 days.

The fast loans granted by Good Lender do not have demanding requirements, allowing you the possibility of obtaining a quick credit even in the event that you do not have a payroll, do not have guarantees or your data appear in files of defaulters such as Financial Credit Institutions.

Good Lender advertises on its website as a “fast, easy and safe” credit institution.

The speed of their processes is due to the fact that they have data verification systems such as “Instantor”, with which they avoid having to send any document and allow you to check your information at the moment and respond to your request in an interval not exceeding 15 minutes.

Good Lender loyalty program

Pulpocredit loyalty program

Good Lender offers you a customer loyalty program with which you can increase the amount of the first loan, as you meet the deadlines for returning your credit and start making profits.

In this way, depending on your credit behavior, you will belong to one or another scale in the classification of Good Lender customers:

  • Initial : if you return your first loan without problems, you will be able to request a second loan of up to 250 USD.
  • Basic : if you fulfill the return of your second credit without problems you could become “Silver Octopus”, which gives you the possibility of increasing the amount of a next loan by up to 350 USD and enjoy a 10% discount on your applications.
  • Advanced : after requesting and returning without problems up to 4 loans with Good Lender, you will become a member of the “Gold Octopus” group of clients, which allows you to obtain loans of up to 500 USD with a 15% discount.
  • Premium : the last step in this customer loyalty program allows you to achieve the company limit set at the amount of 600 USD with a 20% discount.



Good Lender will require you to meet the following requirements to approve your loan application:

  • You are between 21 and 70 years old
  • You reside in Spain permanently
  • Dispongas your documentation of your valid identity: DNI, NIE or Passport
  • You have a contact mobile phone number
  • You are the holder of a bank account in a Spanish bank

Apply for a loan with Good Lender

Apply for a loan with Pulpocredit

To start the application procedures for your loan with Good Lender, you must access its website, indicate the amount of money you need and its repayment period, and register by providing your personal and contact information.

Once you complete your application, Good Lender will allow you to verify your identity by providing your bank details and attaching your ID photos on both sides.

Good Lender has tools to verify the information of your request at the moment as ” Instantor “, thanks to which they will respond to your request via email and SMS, in an interval of about 20 minutes.

In the case of a favorable resolution, Good Lender will manage the transfer of your credit instantly, offering you the opportunity to make any queries about the status of your request from your personal area if necessary.

If you make your loan request outside the working hours established by Good Lender, your request will not be processed until the next business day.

Repayment of your loan

Repayment of your loan

Good Lender will allow you to make the payment of the return of your loan in the following ways: through a bank transfer from your online banking or in person from any entity, or through a cash deposit, which you can make from an ATM or by window at any of the banks indicated in the personal area of ​​the clients.

Good Lender stresses the importance of indicating the number of your ID and the concept of payment when making the bank transfer that pays the return payment. Keep in mind that without proper identification your payments may no longer be valid.

Early return

Early return

If it happens that before the end of the return period, you were interested in making an early payment of your loan, Good Lender will have no problem in canceling your credit at any time without costs.

To do this you only have to inform the entity, which will initiate the usual cancellation procedures.

Good Lender will calculate the cost of your loan based on the interest generated in the time you have enjoyed the loan according to the amount of your debt.

Problems with the return

Problems with the return

If you have problems dealing with the payment of your debt within the established term, this company allows you the option of contracting an extension term for: «7», «14», «21» and «28» days, which you will have to pay in advance assuming the cost of the commission corresponding to the hiring of the extension.

In addition, if it were applicable, Good Lender could penalize the delay of your payment with a delay commission of 2% daily applied to the total amount of the unpaid amount.

In any case, if you foresee possible problems to deal with the payment of your return on time, do not delay your call to Good Lender to inform about your situation so that you can agree on an agreed solution as beneficial as possible for both parties.



If you are looking for a fast and reliable loan for a not too high amount, Good Lender may be an interesting option, since you do not need to meet strict requirements to approve the granting of your credits, allowing clients without payroll or guarantees included in delinquent files like Financial Credit Institutions benefit from your loans.

In this company you can get a first loan of up to 200 USD that you can return within a maximum period of 28 days.

If you need a larger amount, Good Lender offers you the possibility of getting a maximum of 600 USD, if you manage to reach the maximum degree on your customer loyalty scale, which rewards good behavior in the return of loans from your regular customers.